Online education is very popular nowadays. It is free and everyone, who has internet facility, can afford it. Some educational websites are mentioned below.                                                                            

  1. Coursera: is one of the best websites which works with best universities and organizations around the world. Due to this collaboration, the coursera offers a wide variety of topics in various fields of study. Coursera is one of the free online education websites which offers courses from world’s top universities. All courses are interactive.

  1. Open culture online courses

This website has distinctive courses which you cannot find on other websites. All courses are free on this site. This website has around 1000 lectures, podcasts, and videos from top universities of the world.

  1. Khan Academy:

Khan Academy works with many post-secondary schools. It offers free interactive and well-organized interface for students. Khan Academy offers a number of academic courses to help students around the world.

  1. UdemyOnline Free Courses

This site is similar to coursera as it has numerous courses on technology and other subjects. Users can create custom courses from lessons. It has top quality and distinctive content created by top professors and teachers of best universities of the world. Content is free as well as paid.

  1. Academic Earth

This website has top notch courses from different sources, and it offers courses on almost all of the subjects. Academic Earth lists courses according to subjects and schools, so it is easier to find the specific subject which you are looking.

  1. Edx

Edx is another best free website for online education. Edx has thousands of specialized courses on different topics.  It has courses designed by best teachers of top schools of the world. It has a great range of topics in different categories. Edx has alliance with many schools and universities. It has free online lessons on language, technology, natural sciences, computer science, etc.

  1. Alison

Alison offers best-certified courses on different subjects. It is a free educational website. Alison also offers academic courses for students. It is the best website for those students who need certification for their studies. Alison also offers diploma courses online. It has distinct courses on diverse subjects.

  1. Stanford University Online

It is a hub for all online courses of Stanford University. This website hasself-study based and session-based online courses. It is the best website for high-quality video lectures.

  1. Harvard Extension

This website has free online courses only from Harvard University. It is another best website for top notch course material, though its course variety is less rich in variety than other websites. This site also offers you to find courses by the professional certificate. It is thebest website for those students who are looking for online certification in distinctive courses.

  1. iTunesU Free Courses

iTunesU is an app for iPhone, iPad, or iPod users. This website has thousands of topics on various subjects. Students can search their specific subject according to genre and topics. iTunesU has free videos, podcast and paid content. iTunesU has a wide variety of content on almost all topics, but iTunesU is not accessible through Android, Google or Windows mobile devices.