All the students have their specific study style. They are comfortable with their study style and try to score high in exams. It is not necessary that all students have same mental capacity and therefore each one has selected their own preferred study style. We will discuss 6 types of students who score high in exams in this article.

Intelligent Students

Intelligent students are not much hard workers. They just go through the details of the lessons and are able to express their knowledge in an impressive style. They are regarded as the brilliant students. They don’t study much but are able to process knowledge in a relatively short time span. They are not stressed and are easygoing students. Their professors are happy with their academic performance. They are the high achievers.

Students with Impressive writing styles

These students are good at writing and can impressively write to score good in exams. Writing is a skill and they possess well defined writing skill. They know how to hit the nail on the head. Their paper impresses the instructors and they score high in exams. Their writing skill is the tool to get good grades.

Critical Thinker Students

These students are intelligent as well as critical thinkers. They develop links and association between concepts. This helps them to memorize things for long period of time. Their concepts are quite clear. They use their critical thinking in solving paper. They score high in exams due to their critical linking of various aspects of concepts. These students are successful in every walk of life. They get good jobs and are admired everywhere.

Hardworking Students

These students are might not be that intelligent but they struggle hard to get good grades. They spend more time on studies. They are usually not involved in extracurricular activities. They are also referred to as book worms. Their hard work is the key to get good grades in exams. They have the vigor to work hard until they succeed in achieving their set goals. They are also high achievers.

Rote Learner Students

These students are good at memorizing concepts without understanding the meaning of the concepts. They believe in memorization of lessons. These students score high when the straight questions are asked in examination but their grades might get affected if they have to solve analytical question papers. They believe in mere memorization of lessons without learning the significance of the lessons and concepts.

Elective Studies’ Students

These students are good at making guesses. They do selective studies and are always lucky enough to get their desired question paper. They have the ability to guess the topics and prepare them. They are always optimistic that their flukes would be right and they fortunately get what they expect. They also help other students with their guessing ability.

These are the 6 types of students who score high in examination. They are happy and convenient with their study styles.